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Natcore Technology scientists have created a black silicon solar cell with an average reflectance of 0.3%, making it the “blackest” solar cell ever designed. Compared to the most efficient solar cells currently on the market, Natcore’s development offers a tenfold decrease in reflectance over the solar spectrum. The result is an increase in energy efficiency that could help solar power compete even more effectively with traditional fossil fuels.

The whole mess has been enough to put the U.S. off concentrated solar power almost completely. Many solar thermal projects have been stalled or cancelled in light of Ivanpah's rocky start. While concentrated solar plants are still planned for other parts of the world, photovoltaic solar is winning out in the U.S. Here in the California desert what was once a beacon of hope for the future of energy now looks more like a glittery, glowing warning sign.

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Photos of 48 foot diameter dome home built by Faze Change Produx near Sullivan, Illinois.

In the last century alone the world has lost 93% of all food varieties, but you can help in the fight to save the rest.

Great Converting Guide For Building A Solar Water Heater. Lean How To Recondition Batteries At Home. How you can build your own solar hot water system and how this can benefit our environment.

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