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“Blackest” Solar Cell Ever Designed Absorbs 99.7 Percent of All Light

Natcore Technology scientists have created a black silicon solar cell with an average reflectance of 0.3%, making it the “blackest” solar cell ever designed. Compared to the most efficient solar cells currently on the market, Natcore’s development offers a tenfold decrease in reflectance over the solar spectrum. The result is an increase in energy efficiency that could help solar power compete even more effectively with traditional fossil fuels.

In the last century alone the world has lost 93% of all food varieties, but you can help in the fight to save the rest.

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New hybrid solar cells generate 5 times more energy by harnessing sunlight and heat at the same time

New hybrid solar cells generate 5 times as much energy by harnessing sun’s light and heat at the same time

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The developers of a new solar cell say they are four times more efficient and three times cheaper than current solar cells.

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