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Displaced Yazidi walk towards the Syrian border, on the outskirts of Sinjar Mountain, on their way to safety in Iraqi Kurdistan on Aug 10.

Iraq’s Yazidis: what you need to know

Iraq’s Yazidis: who they are and why the US is bombing ISIS to save them? | Photo: Safin Hamed/AFP/Getty Images

Yazidi child receives food and water via aid dropped from American and Kurdish helicopters in the Sinjar mountains.

"Kurdish rebels are thought to have helped rescue around 20,000 from the mountain - but the same number is thought to still be trapped there. But who are the Yazidi, and why are they being persecuted?"

15 Harrowing Photos Of Iraq's Yazidi Fleeing The Advance Of ISIS

The Yazidi were one of many minority Kurdish and religious groups displaced by ISIS’ violence. Iraqi Christians in the north have also been forced to flee.

Video shows dramatic first strike on Islamic State by American forces

Persecuted: Yazidi children (pictured) have taken to sheltering in the holy valley of Lalish, while others trapped in the Sinjar Mountains were flown renewed supplies by the U.S. today. The religious minority is not alone in being threatened by the militants, who also say Christians and Shia Muslims are heretics and should convert.

Iraq’s Yazidis: what you need to know

The Iraq War was a boon to the Yazidis — until the rise of al-Qaeda in Iraq | Photo: More Yazidi New Year's celebrations. Idris Okuducu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Iraq’s Yazidis: what you need to know

The much-derided Yazidi "caste system" is actually about religious duties | Photo: Safin Hamed/AFP/Getty Images

Iraqis Yazidis, who fled their homes a week ago when Islamic State militants attacked the town of Sinjar, gather inside a building under construction where they found refuge on August 10, 2014 in the Kurdish city of Dohuk in Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region.