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Starboard Padlock, Reverse - Arik Kastan Starboard Padlock in Garnet from Reverse, Cutout Chain, 14kt Rose Gold

Padlocks - Arik Kastan Vintage Cluster Padlock in Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, and 14kt Rose Gold; Heart within a Heart Padlock in custom-alloyed 14kt Yellow Gold

Vintage Cluster Padlock - Arik Kastan Vintage Cluster Padlock: Sapphire, Rough-cut Diamond, 14kt Rose Gold; on a Dog Bone Chain

Bring me photographs and souvenirs... Labradorite and Rose Gold - Arik Kastan Labradorite Queen's Sceptre Ring, Labradorite Etched Bezel Padlock, Watch Chain Necklace, all in 14kt Rose Gold