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How to Have a Social Life (Even If You Have Kids)

How important is your social life? Having kids doesn't mean you can't hang out with friends, family or your partner. Here's how to have a social life even as a busy parent.

9 Surprising Things Moms Who Work From Home Will Understand

Thinking of working at home with kids in tow? Here are 9 surprises about the transition to life as a work-at-home mom.

10 Steps to Mindful Parenting

My life was transformed when I took these 10 steps to mindful parenting. Kids are a lot of work. Thanks to this approach, I love parenting and the work is more than worth the effort!

How to Stop Kids from Talking Back to You

Are you embarrassed with the way your child talks back to you? Figuring out what to do when kids don't listen can be tough. Here's how to stop your kids from talking back.

Should I let my kid get a CRAZY haircut?

As your kids grow up they try to find their own style. Many times hairstyles can be a huge argument in families. Would you get your kid a CRAZY haircut?

"Help! I Can't Stop Yelling at My Child."

Tips on how to better control your anger when you find yourself yelling at your child. Learn to manage your temper and stop yelling with these gentle but effective techniques. A must for any parent who wants to improve her relationship with her child.

10 Things Other Parents Need to Know About Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes

10 things other parents need to know about Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. This is a great resource for newly diagnosed families as well as veteran ones.

Raising A Creative Family - Tips from Jean Van't Hul author of The Artful Year

Author Jean Van't Hul shares her thoughts and tips about raising a creative family.

4 ways to foster vivid imagination & curiosity in your children