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Learn how to build a crystal radio - great activity for the kids~

Chapter Radio -- Build a simple crystal radio set. Fast, simple, cheap, and it uses no power.

Baby-Trapped: 10 things to pass the time during the night shift [stolensleep.com] Baby-Trapped: 10 things to pass the time during the night shift  Welcometo Baby-Trapped: Some thingsto entertain inspire and pass the time when your babywont go the fck to sleep  1) The Good news.  This General Election campaign is almost over!!  2) And the bad news  We might wake up tomorrow to find out we are stuck with a ConservativeGovernment for another five years.  I have to confess I dont know a great…

Baby-Trapped: 10 things to pass the time during the night shift - Tradewide Commercial

Gadreel [By the way, I think he didn't hear what was going on from prison, so he didn't know the Winchesters, and of course he actually wanted to help the person that needed help, RISKING HIS LIFE to give it. He already had a vessel, but he risked his life for Sam and Dean anyway. But, this is funny.]

Gadreel is such an underrated angel. In the end, he did what he thought was right. He reminded me a lot of Castiel, you know that one puppy angel we defend with our last breath? Gadreel deserves more love assholes.

Sabrina Carpenter will be performing at this year's Radio Disney Music Awards (RDMA)!

Performers & Presenters Announced For 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards

transistor radio @ urban (trust me, this isn't at all what they used to look like, but very retro anyway!)

Transistor AM/FM Radio and Speaker

I actally own one of these radios from urban outfitters :-) Modern retro-styled transistor radio

When phil was in europe and dan was alone awww. Dan tweets

I love their friendship so much it hurts. People need to stop with the 'PHAN' crap (no offense if you ship Phan but). They can miss each other when they're gone without being in a relationship ya know.