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Damn Jared that look could fry a demon

[GIFSET] Jared and Jensen being dorks #Seacon 2016 ... LOL ^_^ || Jensen Ackles || Jared Padalecki #Supernatural Convention

From Jared's Instagram: About to watch the Season 12 premiere with Jensen Ackles. What are YOU doing? #spnfamily

I feel so close to Jared right now. LOL Credit: nothingidputbeforeyou

That's me in the morning and all day. I think best at about 10 O'clock at night.

[gifset] Jensen talking about Demon Dean singing karaoke. #SDCC14 PLEASE LET IT BE BACK IN BLACK!

[GIFSET] How Jensen found out they got renewed for Season 12 #Vegascon 2016 #Supernatural || Jensen Ackles || Jared Padalecki #Vegascon16 ...hahahahaha! ^_^