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TDRI:5/25/1994,21;Andrew Flores.8/9/1972-9/21/2004.32;#999100;Yes sir.Today i go home to the Lord.But first i have to say something.I am real sorry.I took family's members life & i shouldn't have.I hope that you can move on.I am just sorry.I don't know what else to say.I can't bring anyone back.I would if i could.I won't ask for your forgiveness.God will be my judge.To my family & friends, take care. Be strong & i will see you all;hopefully not soon.Keep your head up.That is all i have to…

TDRI;5/20/2002,27;Terry Hankins.10/10/1974 - 6/2/2009.34;999415;Yes, i am sorry for what i've done and for all the pain and suffering that my actions have caused. Jesus is Lord. All glory to God.

TDRI;1/20/1999,37;Lonnie Pursley.9/17/1961-5/3/2005.43;#999294Yes;I would like to address the victim's family,I received your poem & i am very grateful for your forgiveness.I have Jesus in my heart & i am sorry for any pain i caused you all. Thank you for your forgiveness.Pammy & Irene i will see you on the other side.couple of friends on death row who have helped me;Shy Town,& Crazy Jay,i love you all & Uncle Ray too.I am saved & i am going home.Stay Strong.That is all.

TDRI;12/8/1983.32;Ricky Morrow.5/29/1951-10/20/2004.53;#753;Yes i do.I love you Pam.I love you Jenny,Carla,Fran,Mom & Dad.What a blessing you have been in my life.I am so sorry you are going thru what you are now.But we are both headed to a better place.Thank you baby girl,Sister,Blackie,Dixie,Rusty,AndyBuster,Milo we got so many,Grace & Sonny man, i love you all.Thank you for having been there for me.I am ready Warden.

TDRI;5/6/1999,28;Carlos Granados.9/18/1970-1/10/2007.36;#999307;Yes i love you mom,love you pop,love you Sara,and Amanda.Um Cathy you know i never meant to hurt you. I gave you everything and that's what made me so angry. But i didn't mean to hurt you. I am sorry. That's it.

TDRI;Stanley Baker Jr. 12/30/1966-5/30/2002.35; Well i don't have anything to say. I am just sorry for what i did to Mr. Peters. That's all.

TDRI;William Kitchens.4/27/1963-5/9/2000.37;James Webb,i don't know which one you are out there.I just want to let you know if there has ever been any doubt in your mind of what happend,i want you to know that Patty was always faithful to you,that i forced her for everything she did i am sorry.I just don't know how to tell y'all i am sorry for what i did.I just hope that in some kind of way y'allcan move on & find some kind of peace in your life.I love y'all,y'all take care.I am so sorry.

TDRI;3/21/1997,23;Richard Cartwright.2/11/1974-5/19/2005.31;#999224;Yes i do. I just want to thank all my friends & family who gave me support these past 8 years.I want to apologize to the victim's family for the pain i caused them. & to everyone at the Polunsky Unit, just keep your heads up and stay strong.

TDRI:11/25/1986,28;Michael Riley.5/9/1958-5/192009.51;#000851;To the Harris family.I have been trying to tell you for years i'm sorry.I know i hurt your family bad.I hope you can forgive me.i hope you can move on if not i understand Tim Jackson, Bobby Spade & Mr. Segal thank you for your lies. Your lies set me free.I couldn't do a life sentence.Synnova tell everyone i got full on Chicken & Pork Chops.To the fellas on the row stay strong. Fleetwood is up outta here. I'm ready warden.

TDRI;John Sawyers.7/30/1955 - 5/18/1993.38; Last meal;Cheeseburger, french fries and strawberry shake.