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Old couples know the ways of love.

You're never too old...

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These 27 Old Couples Will Remind You What Love Is All About

These+27+Old+Couples+Will+Remind+You+What+Love+Is+All+About These+27+Old+Couples+Will+Remind+You+What+Love+Is+All+About


How to Fall on Your Face—with a Smile

retirement with my husband as empty nesters-traveling round the world and every so often coming to host huge family get togethers in our dream home... oooo, wouldn't that be so nice!

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I like pokemon

Ever since I first played Blue (about 9 years ago, I wasn't alive when it was first released of course XD)

Heldriborgarar Sumarferda eru dásamlegar ferðir fyrir fólk á aldrinum 60+

Prom picture ideas ❤ can't wait for prom!! I can, but love these ideas for when the time comes for my 13 going on 14yr. old.

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29 Revealing Quotes on Marriage

My hair stays black with gray streaks.

As photographer Ula Kóska and makeup artist Beata Bojda will show you, every Slavic country has its own unique version of this striking form of traditional accessory. The Polish artists collaborated on this beautiful Slavic-themed photoshoot in order to highlight traditional Polish folk culture.

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4 Pinterest Tips to Make Your Pins More Searchable

“Quiero que cuando yo sea mayor y me hija me pregunte por mi primer amor; no tener que recurrir a los viejos álbumes de fotos, quiero simplemente señalar entre la habitación y decirle: ESTA SENTADO JUSTO ALLI”.