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Fotograaf: Daniel Gordon - The Green Line, 2012-Present - Still Life with Lobster 50" x 60", C-Print, 2012

Ξωτικό: Ο χάρτης φτιαγμένος από motherboard

Constructed in 1933 as a Safeway supermarket, the building serves as a showcase not only for Graham’s work but for the wide-ranging collections of art, decorative objects, anatomical figures, animal bones and other curiosities that he and his partner, Bob Breen, have amassed over many years.

old spirit - by Jesse Reno. I will be reborn - I will not become a ghost - he is reborn and he does not wish to become a ghost - to truly become we must understand the truth for ourselves. 48" x 36" on wood acrylic, pastel, pencil

in the style of basquiat - Jesse Reno

Göttinnen Goetze, Helga Sophia Göttinnen [déesses], entre 1993 et 1994 broderie 180 x 175 cm © crédit photographique Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne

Daniel Gordon: Artwork Survey | ART21 New York Close Up