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25 Amazing Examples Of Shadow Art

30 Shadow Faces installation by Isaac Cordal | Isaac Cordal created three-dimensional grid faces and used street lights to cast their shadows onto the pavement in London, England. faces were sculpted into the metal grids of several kitchen strainers. |

21 Amazing Examples Of Shadow Art

Amazing Examples Of Shadow Art Everyday objects manipulated to cast incredibly realistic shadows. Here are some stunning pieces by artists Kumi Yamashita, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Shigeo Fukuda, and Larry Kagan. some have so much creative imagination.

21 Amazing Examples Of Shadow Art

There's a lifesize shadow art installation in The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. You just can't believe the shadow the piles of unrelated things makes. You'd never, in your wildest dreams, predict what the shadow is.

Shadow of Love I find it utterly amazing that a wedding ring casts the shadow of a heart when placed between the pages of a book...

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