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Gwen comforting Morgana when she was having nightmares.

Colin and Katie. I really love looking at people in medieval clothes and sunglasses.

Morgana doing her best to comfort Gwen :3 I think it's supposed to be vise-versa but Morgana your doing fine ;)

Merlin #Merlin #Arthur #Morgana #Gwen #Gwaine #Gaius Give me something to work with Gaius... by *Shadow-StrikeRaven on deviantART

Gwen comforting Morgana. I would love a Gwen ♥♥

Can't help loving Gwaine <3 Merlin Season 4

Morgana having nightmares. Haha, ohmigosh, just this. Because dreaming of Merlin kissing anyone but her would be a nightmare. :P