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A la seva època hi habia qui deia que eren mariques... Gran caràtula.

You gotta know and love at least one Eagles song.Take It Easy,Desperado,Lyin Eyes,Take It To The Limit,Tequila Sunrise,Peaceful Easy Feeling,Witchy Woman,One of These Nights,Already Gone and Hotel California are some of my favorites.

Mecano - "La Fuerza Del Destino" - Spanish Synth-Pop from 1988 - came to my mind this morning, ¿por qué?

M3Pin1: I chose this image because it is from one of the most influential filmmakers during la movida madrilena, Pedro Almodovar's, movies, "Laberinto de Pasiones". Despite Almodovar's rejection of the concept of "la movida", this image and movie speaks to the movement's sexual liberation and experimentation. Also, this picture is very representative of the rock & roll/ punk culture during this 'awakening' (the leather jackets, crazy hairstyles, makeup).

30 Things To Avoid Before The Age Of 30

1978 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog Men wore silk flowered shirts. usually with a gold chain