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three is a charm

RELEASE BLITZ - Rush by C.A. Harms @charms0814 @givemebooksblog Title: Rush Series: Montgomery Men #1 Author: C.A. Harms Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: August 23 2016 Blurb I was running from my husband a man I thought Id known. Running from the hell he had put me through. Hed nearly destroyed the woman I had once been and I would do whatever it took to regain my freedom. I would lie and cheat. I would steal if it meant that I never had to go back there. Id run and keep…

Things that make me happy... Cute Asian stationery! :D I collect a ridiculous number of these pens, because they make me smile every time I look at them.

After Pirate Shoplifting Stunt Movie Director Speaks Out While Emmy-award winning director Casey Tebo is no stranger to movies hes only ever uploaded one video to YouTube. Unusually it featured him committing a crime. After discovering that pirate copies of his movie Happy Birthday (starring Aerosmiths Steve Tyler) were being given away in a local store Tebo decided to turn the tables. Camera in hand he documented himself stealing clam chowder ingredients from the same store. If they can…

I really like the rustic and cottage styles, but like cultivated landscaping and finished surfaces too. Here, the flagstone patio taking the place of a path of flagstones set in grass pleases my sensibilities. (I think it's a mental problem having to do with seasonal allergies!)

ADORABLE! Word Of the Day and Throw Back Thursday too since I used an old school chalkboard for the pic. I'm appreciating the adorable people in my life today. You know. The ones who make me smile just because of who they are. I SEE YOU in all your ways of super adorableness! The dictionary says adorable is being cute sweet funny irresistibly charming and ultimately these things and more come together to mean LOVABLE. I'm so grateful and happy that you're here for me to love you…

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