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Blue-chinned Sapphire, Chlorostilbon notatus - Female

Aves del paraiso

#671 山椒稚凝 by John&Fish, via Flickr

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The Blue-chinned Sapphire (Chlorostilbon notatus) - also known as Black-chinned Sapphire - is a South American hummingbird that is found in Colombia to Brazil, and Peru. The bird is 8.9 cm long and weighs 3.8 g. The female lays her eggs in a deep cup nest, made of lichen and other fine plant material and placed on a horizontal tree branch

The most common types of hummingbirds include the Allen’s, Anna’s, berylline, black-chinned, blue-throated, broad-billed, broad-tailed, buff-bellied, Costa’s, Lucifer, Magnificent, ruby-throated, Rufous, violet-crowned, and white-eared.

Blue-chinned Sapphire male by Buck Snelson*

"White chinned petrels following a killer whale eating fish at the surface, Crozet offshore waters" -- Paul Trixier

Hummingbird having a snack

Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week #51

Nilgiri laughing thrushes are endemic to the high elevation areas of the Nilgiris and adjoining hill ranges in Peninsular India and are easily detected by its loud series of nasal call notes. (Mohamed Mothi)

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