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Eight Reasons Arabic is Impossible to Learn, We Heart Nerds, For native Arabic speakers, the language might seem like a piece of Knefe, but for our fellow neighbors in the world, Arabic is considered among the top ten most difficult languages to learn. Here's w...

Arabic Expressions that are popular in all Arab countries ans used everyday. Every beginner needs to know them.

How to say I LOVE YOU in more than 10 different ways in Arabic language

basic arabic words and meanings - Google Search

Get the Arabic word for "thank you" as a thank you towards those who have done something towards you in your life. Maybe helping you, being there for you, hurting you, doing just about anything because without anyone doing what they did, you wouldn't be where you are today.

it's an Arabic Alphabet Table. Whenever I learn arabic, i'll be happy i pinned this

Anatomy of the Arabic language - Anatomy of the Arabic language - This is an excellent chart of Arabic letters in every aspect. But I don't understand the number part.

arabicway: This drawing shows where the sounds should come out from when you pronounce the Arabic letters.