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The outpatient entrance at Modilon hospital in Madang, Papua New Guinea, where Catherine is based (Picture: Ginny Lattul)

My aunt works at a hospital and has heard surgeons say that they know when a patient is going to die during surgery because a child's foot prints appear at the entrance of the surgery room just before the surgery starts. One day my aunt was testing out her new camera phone and this is what she got on one of the pictures, a little boy sitting on the floor looks like he is waiting for someone, that day there was a surgery going on, the surgery room is just down the hallway on the left .

The universal exam rooms with separate entrances for patients and staff allow for a variety of services to be provided, while separating the patients from the busy activity of staff. Photo: Ed Sozinho.

PHOTO TOUR: Providence Medical Park | Healthcare Design --- Double-sided exam rooms separate patient circulation from staff office, lab, and research areas. Photo: Benjamin Benschneider/Mahlum