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Will a GOP Congress Ever Balance the Budget? - https://therealstrategy.com/will-a-gop-congress-ever-balance-the-budget/

Viral: Sen Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Should Not Be Above the Law

Sen. Rand Paul said Sunday that "the big question" over repealing Obamacare will be whether Medicaid expansion is also rolled back, not committing to keeping the expansion on place.

Rand Paul speaks at the National Rifle Association's NRA-ILA Leadership Forum during the NRA Convention at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky on May

Joe Pappalardo - With Rand Paul's Reluctant Consent, Congress Grants EPA More Power

Republican presidential candidate and U. Senator Rand Paul speaks at the New Hampshire GOP's FITN Presidential town hall in Nashua, New Hampshire January REUTERS/Mary Schwalm

Rand Paul says that Marco Rubio should Resign or Give His Pay Back

Donald Trump 'caught making up phone calls' with Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan

Rand Paul: All the GOP candidates got...

Rand Paul of Kentucky discusses why delegate rules aren't rigged, but are biased and why the Republican candidates got caught up in Donald Trump's celeb.

Rand Paul NRA-ILA Leadership Forum 2016 FULL Speech - YouTube

rand paul spoke at the 2016 nra ila leadership forum about the importance of protecting the second amen.

<p>NH1 News Fiscal Friday with Rand Paul Preview: What would his first economic policy be?</p>

<p>NH1 News Fiscal Friday with Rand Paul Preview: What would his first economic policy be?</p>

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) broke from traditional conservative thinking Tuesday, saying that judicial activism isn’t a bad thing for proponents of liberty.

Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has introduced legislation aimed at stopping the federal government from unilaterally stripping gun rights from thousands of seniors and veterans by declaring them "mentally defective.