This activity is designed to help your Pre-Calculus Honors or College Algebra students evaluate sequences and series in an end-unit review for Discrete Mathematics. There are 24 task cards in the activity. Students will find recursive and explicit forms of sequences, find the sum of finite and infinite series, determine convergent and divergent series, find nth terms, partial sums, P(K+1) term for induction proofs, and more.

In this bundled set you will find all you need to prepare your Algebra 2 students for better understanding of LINEAR SYSTEMS & INEQUALITIES The file includes: 1.) Daily Quizzes, (two forms each day) 2.) Mid-Unit Quiz (two forms) 3.) Four Square Activity (solve systems 4 ways) 4) End Unit Test Review - Tournament 5.) Unit Review Worksheet with Linear Programming 6.) Linear Systems Practice Test 7.) Unit Test-Forms A & B 8.) All answer keys

In this bundled set you will find all you need to prepare your Algebra 2 students for better understanding of Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities. The file includes: 1.) Daily Quizzes for: Properties of Real Numbers, Algebraic Expressions, Solving Equations, Solving Inequalities, Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities(two forms each day) 2.) Mid-Unit Quiz (two forms) 3.) End Unit Test Review - Tournament 4.) SPLASH Activity -for use as a pre- or post-activity 5.) Real Numbers Sort…

Use this 36 mini-task-cards sort activity to help your student practice the vocabulary necessary to succeed in PreCalculus at the end of Unit 1 Functions and Graphs. A graphic organizer for the vocabulary is also included to summarize in the students' interactive notebook.

Huge Savings! Here is a giant “BUNDLE of BUNDLES” for students enrolled in ALGEBRA 2 HONORS. The lessons and activities are aligned to the CCSS and Florida Math Standards. There are more than 200 days of instructional content for you need to prepare your students. Daily quizzes, mid-unit, end-unit reviews, assessments, activities, task cards, station activities, and so much more.

This activity is a Sum Up Activity for students enrolled in PreCalculus, Trigonometry, or College Algebra. There are 10 cards in the activity made with GOOGLE SLIDES. NOTE: THIS ACTIVITY IS NOT EDITABLE! Students can interact with the activity on their one-to-one devices. Students answer a variety of multiple choice, free response and true/false questions related to the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines. Each slide has a movable piece to mark their answers. No Prep! No Paper!

This Algebra 2 Honors or PreCalculus Honors Activity is great for an end-unit review of logarithmic and exponential functions. Students work through 10 stations in groups of 3 or 4 on timed intervals to review the unit in preparation for a test. It's great fun and gives teachers a chance to circulate and assist.

WOW! Get the full year of ALGEBRA 2 FOLDABLES along with all of my Algebra 2 activities in one giant bundled set, for all your teaching needs. More than 200 days of instructional materials for you to create your ideal course. Each unit of study is presented to students in the form of a Bound Book Style Foldable*, inspired by the work of Dinah Zike, and used with permission. Each Foldable* has a complete set of answer keys. Lots of games, task cards, activities, and more.

Calling all Calculus teachers, grab this station activity with 11 different task cards. Great collaboration for your students. In depth and rigorous prompts covering all aspects of Differential Equations.

Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Honors: A Year of Curriculum Foldables-Activities-Review-Assessments This is a COMPLETE ALGEBRA 2 HONORS CURRICULUM. The bundle contains 81 Foldables® , daily quizzes which can be used as a warm-up or exit ticket, games, activities, mid-unit and end-unit reviews, mid-unit and end-unit assessments, and more. The lessons and activities are rigorous and engaging. There are over 200 days of content to design your ideal course.

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