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Scamorza cheese from the Molise region of Italy. Scamorza (Italian pronunciation: [skaˈmɔrttsa]) is an Italian cow's milk cheese, similar to mozzarella. Artisanal cheesemakers generally form the cheese into a round shape, and then tie a string around the mass one third of the distance from the top, and hang to dry.

Baked Ricotta

Baked Ricotta Recipe - can be served on its own or as part of an antipasto. You can eat this dish hot, but it has more flavor once cooled. From the cookbook "Four Seasons: A Year Of Italian Food" - posted on Leite's Culinaria


Antipasto Platter - Martha Stewart Roasted red peppers, radicchio di Treviso, separated into leaves, figs, artichoke hearts, mozzarella cheese, Pecorino cheese, provolone cheese, air-dried sopressata, refrigerator-dried sopressata, pepperoncini, mixed olives, peppadew peppers, salami, prosciutto

Top Ten - Best Things to Eat in Italy

From artisan gelato to fresh, home-made pasta, Italian cuisine is renowned the world over, but beyond the pizza, pasta and ice cream, there’s a never-ending gastronomic journey to discover including superb cheeses, succulent roasts and legendary desserts. I’ve been visiting Italy for many years now and whenever I go and in whichever part of the country I am in, I know I am going to eat well. In no particular order, here’s my top 10 of things to eat in Italy and where to eat them..

Pecornio Foglie di Noce is a pressed sheep's milk cheese from Tuscany. While aging, the wheels are wrapped in walnut leaves and rubbed daily with olive oil, imparting a tremendously satisfying flavor and hint of black walnut. Hearty and rustic, Pecorino Foglie di Noce is visually striking, versatile, and absolutely delicious. Pair this cheese with crisp, dry Italian white wines, Sauvignon Blancs, or light to medium-bodied reds.

Paesanella, from the Ciresa Family, is produced in the Val Taleggio, an Alpine valley of Lombardy, Italy — best known for its namesake cheese. The rind is pink and sticky, with a bit of sandy grit to it (a quality often seen in washed rinds, it comes from the deposit of minerals after repeated washes with a salty brine). The paste is soft and bulging, with a creamy texture and a mild barny pungency. In flavor it is sweet, meaty and full with mushroom and hay notes.

Italian Fries

Italian Fries | Martha Stewart Living - Who needs French fries when you've got Italian fries? A twist on a recipe created by Lucinda's Italian relatives, these oven-baked fries are tossed in olive oil, grated cheese, and a medley of dried herbs. Sprinkle them with salt and pepper while they're still hot, and serve immediately. From the book "Mad Hungry," by Lucinda Scala Quinn (Artisan Books).