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Gorgeous Horse   horse photography  #horses

Everything is beautiful, in it's own way. This board is a display of images I find beautiful!<<< this horse is hotter than me

A Shire horse. God I would love to have a beautifully shire horse, or even a…

A Shire horse. God I would love to have a beautiful shire horse, or even a beautiful horse. I LOVE LOVE horses


Braided mane for western. Horses hair ain't really straight enough for this type braids though.

This would have been me about 8 years ago. And then my obsession with foxes came in, and I discovered how fun it was to put on make up lol. ;) I still absolutely LOVE horses though! Second favorite animal, and I wish I could ride one every week. ♥

This would have been me as a young girl. ♥ Horses were my first love, I still love them today.never did outgrow my "horse crazy years" . Thank the Lord! So true!

Love my horse, my equine therapist.  #equine_equine

Horses change our lives.If you just listen.They give us hope,friendship and a shoulder to cry on.

.There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.    R. S. Surtees

this is what I want to see looking out my screen door. My future cowgirl wife sitting with one of our many [future] horses. Or that could be my future daughter. Can you tell I have a thing for cowgirls?