Explore Beautiful Mismatch, Mismatch Chairs and more!

Our beautiful mismatch folding chairs all poised for the wedding guests. Birdcages and Dragonflies

Some of our beautiful mismatched chairs all washed and lined up ready to be loaded up for our next lovely wedding.... Birdcagesanddragonflieshire@gmail.com

Amazing wedding tent from Curious Tent company ready to be filled with our lovely mismatch chairs and crockery....

What an amazing view to walk down the aisle towards......birdcagesanddragonflies@gmail.com our folding chairs look lovely....

Our latest vintage folding chairs ready for hire.

Some more of our lovely chairs ready for hire from birdcageanddragonflies@gmail.com

Our old door trestle tables look really lovely with out mismatch folding chairs....

Vintage Lounge Inspiration via Hudson Valley Vintage Rentals. Vintage Rentals. Crested Hen Farms. Alicia King Photography. Lavender & Leaf, Lakum Collection. Featured on 100 Layer Cake. Weddings in the Hudson Valley.

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