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Liz Taylor quote- print mounted on canvas 8x8

aristotle. Some people should think about this. Your life isn't where you want it? Change it. Get off your ass and go get what you want. Don't wait for it to handed to you. That's the lazy way out.

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my friends all say i love him. idk though, he doesn't seem to like me anymore. did they ever actually? maybe i am a little bit obsessed, I, S and C.

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"What are you without your technology, Edric?" Jake growled, snatching the tablet. "Take it away, and what can you do?" "I can get us out of here. I feel like I've had a bit more experience than you. Correct me if I'm wrong, you came here, what, six months ago?" Stone replied. Each word was so carefully measured. Jake's fists clenched.