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Inked Girls. Tattoos. Skull. Rose. Quote. Bird. Baby. Girl. Dream Catcher. Clock. Design. Full Body. Piercings. Sexy.

Inked girls by "La Petite Mort Photographie" w/ Vicky Nguyen and Tutu Dieu

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Steampunk Rose tattoo - down the spine or an interesting idea for a sleeve

Bag full of guns : Photo

Full body tattoos, torn jean shorts, and black crop top

Custom black and grey sleeve   Proudly sponsored by Body Shock tattoo supplies.

Custom black and grey sleeve Proudly sponsored by Body Shock tattoo supplies.

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Steampunk under skin cogs and gears spine tattoo.

japanese yakuza | However, for those not embarrassed about their bulging bellies, and at ...

Unlike the other Yakuza members on the board, I like how this member has a full body tattoo on his chest without a gap which could suggest he is not afraid of exposing his tattoos under his normal clothes.

Love everything about this. Who says a girl can't be beautiful if her septum is pierced or covered in tattoos.

Modern take on a pin up girl. Love the makeup, hair and clothes! Love the wrist tats, not so much on the nose ring.

Punk Princess Illustrations - Emmanuel Viola Turns Popular Disney Princesses into Tattooed Rebels (GALLERY)

Punk Princess Illustrations

Inked-Up Disney Hipster Princesses by Emmanuel Viola: Hipster Ariel

yakuza-baby, we love it! His face is saying What do you mean we are out of rice milk? :)

Yakuza or Punk ? – Pacifiers for difficult children

"Yakuza Baby", "Tattoo Boy" and "Punk Girl" or pacifiers for difficult children! A print advertising campaign for Playtex Binky pacifiers created by the U.