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Mark 10:27 Sunday School Lesson You need: Paper plate, pen, crayons, and scissors Step 1: fold paper in half Step 2: fold paper in half again Step 3: unfold paper once, cut only from one side to the crease: see picture. Step 4: Unfold all the way. Write Bible verse on bottom, and decorate. Class Discussion: We talked about how God makes all things possible, even a rainbow in the sky.

First Day of School Picture Frame blogger says: I used Velcro to attach the star labeled "1st", so I can change it out with "100th" or "Last"

building a well with large blocks (the well of Abraham Genesis 21 ... Rachel meets Jacob at the well (Genesis 29:9-12) ... Jesus talks with the woman at the well (John 4)

Cute and easy sheep... for little ones you could mark the flat cardstock, have them add all of the details and then have an adult staple the bottom.