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Sunday school bulletin board - fun to do in the middle of winter when it's really cold outside.

candy corn preschool craft & other fun pumpkin/fall crafts

Mark 10:27 Sunday School Lesson You need: Paper plate, pen, crayons, and scissors Step 1: fold paper in half Step 2: fold paper in half again Step 3: unfold paper once, cut only from one side to the crease: see picture. Step 4: Unfold all the way. Write Bible verse on bottom, and decorate. Class Discussion: We talked about how God makes all things possible, even a rainbow in the sky.

We made this at our church Solid Rock. The teens and kids painted their feet and walked on this. It was fun and my feet are stained:)

Welcome to Scrappin' Cat's Creative Endeavors: Paint chip bookmarks

Preschool Creation Coloring Sheets | God Made Me Book Craft for Sunday School "God Made Me!" Mini Booklet ...

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prayer hands for kids

hmmmm not a bad idea. have a bunch of hands clipped on to it and each wednesday before they leave they have to write a prayer. and maybe (we'll discuss this) but maybe the next wednesday on the back of the prayer they can write how they think God answered it or why he didn't and what it meant as to why he did or didn't

You’re in the Hot Seat: A Fun Get-To-Know-You Game for Sunday School

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Parable of the Sower

A sower went out to sow his field- wish I had seen this sooner! Oh well, maybe in four years I can use this idea!