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Designing, taking photos, travelling, dreaming. Illusory correlations. Dreaming.......eating, living... dancing. Wasting time, escaping.... Always dreaming! + Art, interior decor, architecture, music, and of course beautiful clothes. Cognitive bias!...

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Blue blue sky and golden peeping sun rays sunset with beautiful sailboat on open seas. High mast sailboat! Gorgeous Photography!. Please also visit for colorful inspirational Prophetic Art and stories. Thank you so much! Blessings!

When you see the moon straight before you it signifies you will have good luck to the end of the season. “Serenity by VMor ”

With hope either you think something might happen, are expecting to happen or vaguely want to happen. But just the word hope immediately adds a carousel of confusing emotional baggage. It’s flighty, nondescript and one of the most easily misled emotions w

Día de San Juan - St John the Baptist's saint day. Burn your rubbish, write your resolutions for things you want OUT your life, burn them too, jump over the fire 3 times and then into the sea. A time for changing your life! Go for it.

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A little village by the sea. Located south-west in the Lofoten islands. App 320 inhabitants. The of December will be the last sunset this year, and of January 2013 the first sunrise will appear. Lofoten is a group of islands in the northern part of