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Yandere Chan from the game Yandere simulator

Yandere Simulator Rivals (WIP)–I REALLY wanted to draw all 10 today but i’m so tireeed,have a WIP for now!I love your Work YandereDev!

Characters - Yandere Simulator: YANdere-chan

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Yandere Simulator : Victory Road by LucciolaCrown

((open rp Be the man))"what's hapenin? "I here the thunk of a gun. "Oh right I'm dying" my voice trembled. It was terrifying and at the same time it relieves me. Finally an escape from my life. I felt...numb. I opened my arms and welcomed the darkness, but suddenly things froze. "Wh-What?!" I felt a tingling feeling which slowly turned into pain. Was someone stopping me from dying"NO!" I tell as I get dragged from the dark "I WANT TO STAY!" I can faintly here a mans voice "Its going to be…