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So, funny thingy!(XD you probably won't think it's funny but whatever!) So I clicked on it and saw it was Tyler and automatically screamed a little and put my hand to my heart, then I looked at the photo and its him fangirling with his hand on his chest and I screamed then looked at meh BFF and she saw and started laughing SO HARD and we were just on the floor rolling around laughing like idiots!!!XD

✯ “i like any kind of food. whatever’s there, i buy it. hot dog one day, the next chinese food, roast beef sandwich.” —Walter ..... Philadelphia’s Homeless ... in 1985 .. Photo by Tom Gralish .. From his Pulitzer Prize Award Series Philadelphia’s Homeless - 1985✯

Amy Winehouse - A completely talented musician who has a voice like no other! A treasure to the music industry who's music still lives on even after her tragic passing at the age of 27. #club27

from Cultura Colectiva

Los hipnotizantes GIFs de Davidope

Los hipnotizantes GIFs de Davidope - Cultura Colectiva - Cultura Colectiva

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Teal Photography - orange peach teal decor flower aqua blue green turquoise print floral botanical wall art - 8x8 Photograph, "Enchanting"

"Enchanting" Teal Photography - Original fine art photograph of dogwood flowers blooming amid an enchanting teal backdrop.