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Eret. Httyd2 on tumblr. well, when you put it that way...

toothless and hiccup in httyd2

from Etsy

RESERVED Bewilderbeast Dragon Sculpture HTTYD 2 figurine How to train your dragon 2 fantasy animal creature art sculpture magic gif

Bewilderbeast HTTYD2 sculpture

valka and toothless ... httyd2

'You Son of Eret!' by on @deviantART

HTTYD2 by on @deviantART

Grown up Hiccup and Astrid getting married! Okay, it's cheesy, but well done!

.HTTYD2: The Stalka fansclub founders. by on @deviantART

Even Tuffnut knows!!! He's IN the movie!! - HTTYD2 MADE ME LAUGH AND CRY AT THE SAME TIME. By the end, my mom thought I needed therapy