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    We all need to feel loved and supported, especially as we age. Social interactions help us connect and share with others. It can also impact our overall health and improve the quality of life. More on the importance and benefits of social interaction for seniors:

    Senior fitness is proven to improve the quality of life. GreatCall’s “Lively Wearable” is a two-in-one emergency response device and fitness tracker. We had a group of people try it out and here’s what they had to say: #Sponsored

    Most seniors have children to help out when things like age-related health issues arise, but what about those with no children? Learn the advantages and drawbacks of being a 'solo ager':

    President Obama signed the 'Older Americans Act Reauthorization Act of 2016'. Learn what the law entails and how it supports seniors' health:

    Learn the risk factors of #ZikaVirus and how to protect yourself. Also, find out how the virus affects #seniors:

    Here are ways you can stay ahead of dental concerns that come with age and keep that youthful smile:

    A cancer diagnosis can change everything very suddenly. Here are 7 ways to be supportive to a loved one with breast cancer:

    Know how to recognize early symptoms of Parkinson's, so you or a loved one can get medical help:

    Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas