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Perfect Health Diet diagram couched inside the "Is there any such thing as a safe starch on a low carb diet?" article by Jimmy Moore.

I don't usually hop on these bandwagons but after reading many articles, there could be some truth to this one. This is an ingredient in the almond milk I use, I know there are brands without it, will have to switch.

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The Best Apps for Your Bright or Gifted Child

  There is no denying it – Worry is everywhere today.  It impacts all types and all ages – worry has no discrimination.  Being a professional organizer who works with rigid, anxious, an…

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50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have

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How to Take a Self Care (“Mental Health”) Day

How to Take a Self Care (Mental Health) Day. Yes, taking care of yourself is an important element of boomer fitness. As Nike says, "Just Do It!"

Cell Phone Dangers |NEW Urgent Warning to All Cell Phone Users NEW Urgent Warning to All Cell Phone Users If you're in the habit of tucking your phone in a pocket, or on your belt, heads up - you'll be appalled when you view this new 2-minute video... Seeing is believing if you still harbor any doubt that cell phones can potentially cause cancer.

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Foods That Boost the Immune System

Green and red Bell Peppers offer Vitamin C and are Immune System Boosters | Prevent Winter Colds and Flu

Using knowledge of student cognition to differentiate instruction - Reaching every learner: Differentiating instruction in theory and practice