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Check out the Medical News Today article: “Diet may influence gut bacteria more than genes, say scientists.”

Perfect Health Diet diagram couched inside the "Is there any such thing as a safe starch on a low carb diet?" article by Jimmy Moore.

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How Your Pet Can Heal You

health benefits of pets

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Yoga Poses for Flexibility, 16 Must-Try Asanas

Flexibility has many health benefits, including healing aches and pains, helping with balance, and injury prevention. These 16 yoga poses are great for beginners to get flexible fast!

I don't usually hop on these bandwagons but after reading many articles, there could be some truth to this one. This is an ingredient in the almond milk I use, I know there are brands without it, will have to switch.

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My Vegan Story

My feelings of hesitation and weariness towards animal products are all too familiar. Ever since I was little, I remember having this internal conflict.. especially towards meat. Family dinners and gatherings always included meat, no question about it. It was the main staple. We didn't h

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Essential Oil Cycling for Hormone Support

Essential oils can be used in many ways, including for women's health. Support fertility and healthy hormone cycling with essential oil cycling.

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9 Essential Oils For Hormonal Imbalance & How To Use Them

Hormonal imbalances are more varied than simple menopause symptoms. Essential oils are perfect for treating the imbalance.

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Relieve Stress with Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

Viparita Karani yoga pose - Legs up the wall - Encourages circulation of blood and lymph from the feet and legs. Bathes the abdomen in fresh blood, stimulating the digestive organs. Soothes the nervous system, allowing your body to shift its attention from warding off stress to daily bodily functions, including detox. Note the pillow/bolster she is using.

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Types of Tea

Find out about the different types of tea. Get the facts and more information about coffee & tea at: #tea #tea types #IAmBiotic