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Sad ;(

I hate seeing or hearing people treat others mean or being rude just for the sake of entertainment. The fact that some people get enjoyment out of making others feel small is sad.

So true that's y I don't give a fuck anymore.

Story of my life.work hard to get there and as soon as i stop caring i get it!

This is exactly the way it should be! I cannot stand men who play games and mess with my head!

Ladies, the right man for you will pursue you. He won't leave you wondering whether he's into you or not.Remember This!

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Emerson – Chasing Paper - it would be neat to have someone draw this quote onto the long wall.


I am trying.please give me some time. I never thought I would ever have to remove you from any part of my life and NEVER DID I EVER DREAM i would have to remove from my heart. I am trying.but it is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do!