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Spotpelt male warrior moonclan mother:Silvermoon. Kayceecat Esser is this kitty

Ashkit female Moonclan daughter of Misteyes and Summerspirit Kayceecat Esser

Crowkit male kit mom: Stripedice Dad: Borat Kayceecat

BlackClaw male warrior MoonClan! cheyenne is this kitty :3he

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How to Care for a Cat

Sparkpaw female apprentice mother: Amberwing mentor: Lilactail MoonClan! Kayceecat Esser is this one.

Fire and Tiger to young lone kits abandoned im Fire Kayceecat is Tiger they are males btw

TigerStripe male warrior MoonClan! Brooke's cat.

Ginger female and Rock male im Rock they are loners Kayceecat is Ginger