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Hey im Liam im the son of the queen of hearts but im nothing like my mother. I also have a little sister. there's a girl i like i've been admiring her for quite some time now but from what i can tell there's alot of thing going on with her i hope once i get the chance to talk to her i can make her feel at least a little better. anyway im nice and kinda a joker.

Mike Vogel in Los Angeles Premiere of Paramount's "Cloverfield" - Arrivals

The 'Law & Order' School of Drama

Cool and Trendy Short Hairstyles for Men

Men's cut. 2 on sides 5 on top clipper sides. Blend the top with sheers. Take home redken for men. Come back in weeks for trim. is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about Hair & Beauty related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of …

batter-the-spoopy-sempai: “ murryclurr: “ so my sister had homecoming last weekend and all the guys in her group secretly decided on undercover superhero identities and wore the corresponding colors...

Cody Allen Christian

Hey guys I'm Benton! I'm 16 and I'm gay. I'm really sassy so I would watch your mouth..... JK I'm really nice. I have a ton of mental issues witch you guys will probably find out soon enough. Well that's about all!

Chris Noth .... Mr Big ..... Loved that guy :) & Detective Mike Logan keeping me company while I studied in college :)