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Change the last line to "And whose fault is that?" I don't like "You still have legs."

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 43 Pics

Larry Brown (@LarryB_in_OK) | Twitter

That sounds like pretty bad feeling

Absolutely me. Yes. 100%. But seriously, POOR PUPPY HAS TO LIVE WITH THAT HUMAN

Crowley appreciation post. Even though he's now the self-proclaimed King of Hell, and has tried to kill our Winchester boys countless times...I really do love Crowley.

"Good heavens, child, what have you been doing?" The orphanage lady asked me when I got back, (rp anyone?)

Crowley's "Hell's fine" reminds me of Mycroft when Sherlock asked him "How's the diet?" LOL

You have to know the right people, usually the mob, do the right kinds of favors, get fake I.D.s, find the right city to go to, wait until the perfect time, and pray that you don't get killed or arrested. << I didn't write that, but accurate