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Sweden Finland Sealand aph hetalia funny lol-->aww caring parents so cute

omg this is amazing XD

omg this is amazing XD- I really don't ship this but I still see this happening lol " huh and I thought you were a guy" lol I'm still laughing!

Read Straight outta the undeground from the story ATTACK ON CRACK! Funny comics and pictures. by ClassyAckerman (✨Anime ✨) with 240 reads.

chara, frisk, undertale, sans

Saying "I don't know" is the worse answer you can give for killing someone's brother. Like you killed them for no reason or motive. It is bad.

IT'S PERFECT.------> I can't even function.

Actual proof that Captain America really is America from Hetalia<<And they both have best friends named Tony.

Did you see this?

Next: Anamnesis - 26 - 37 Prev: Anamnesis - 18 - 21 --- EDIT: english fixed Author Note: Somehow, This is my last update for this comic, no, that doesn’t mean this i.