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A Wisconsin cop was just cleared of any wrongdoing in the death of the second person he's killed in his career.

Cops Release Body Cam Video to Be ‘Transparent’ – AFTER they Edited Out their Violence Luckily multiple cellphones caught the officers' actions violence and expose the hollow attempt at transparency.

Whistleblower Cop Demoted After Questioning Officers Who Killed Handcuffed College Student


Whittier police officers sue, say they were forced to meet quotas

Six Whittier police officers are suing the city, saying they faced retaliation when they complained and refused to meet alleged ticket and arrest quotas.

#Ferguson - 10 Rules of Survival if Stopped by Police. Infographic h/t Cecil Johnson I'd like to see an infographic for police on who to treat citizens.


Leaked Police Department Memo Says ‘White Power,’ and Threatens Black Officers

In police state USA, college students, who choose to exercise their right to film in public, get stomped -- so do their cameras.

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3/13/15 Thousands REVOLT In China Against Police Brutality. Cops Beat Woman In…