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Tariq ibn Ziyad was a moroccan Berber general who led the Islamic conquest of Visigothic Hispania in 711–718 A.D

NEBAMUN TOMB FRESCOES (1 of 11 restored Nebamun tomb frescoes) -- Nebamun was an Egyptian "scribe & counter of grain" during the New Kingdom. His tomb in Thebes, the location of which is now lost, featured the famous Pond in a Garden false fresco painting. Nebamun's name is translated as "My Lord is Amun" and he is thought to have lived circa 1500 BCE. The paintings were hacked from the tomb wall and purchased by a British collector who in turn sold them to the British Museum in 1821.

Elizabeth I. I don't buy into the "royal family" nonsense, but I admire this lady. She took down the powerful King of Spain, the Pope, and France. A woman who showed a woman can rule in a man's world.

Dorothy Counts, a fifteen year old black girl attempting to integrate all white Harding High School in NC in 1957. After four days of abuse her family removed her from school