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by Jordan Watkins Anne Beall’s backyard had a rat problem. Beall, a Chicago resident who owns a market research firm, said she had finally had enough when she saw a rat run across her husband’s foot. “We were going to solve this problem or we were going to move,” Beall said. That is when she... [Read More]

Feral Cat Shelter Options- instructions to make or purchase outdoor shelters for "community" cats. Lots of options. Some will give you instructions for free, others want you to pay to download.

Alley Cat Advocates: building shelter for outside or feral cats for protection from cold.

How to Build a Cozy, Low-Cost Shelter for Outdoor Cats | Catster

Cat Cottage Triplex with Raised Platform & Foundation - - Fun furniture, condos and climbing gyms for cats and kittens.

Perfect for our rainy climate~ give your pets somewhere to shelter if they like to be outside!

another way to build a shelter

Outdoor feral cat shelter, great for outdoor kitties!

from MNN - Mother Nature Network

How to care for feral cats during the winter

how to build a feral cat shelter. The Humane Society suggests placing two shelters with their doorways facing each other and securing a board between them to create a canopy. (Each container is an insulated container-within-a-container.)