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by Jordan Watkins Anne Beall’s backyard had a rat problem. Beall, a Chicago resident who owns a market research firm, said she had finally had enough when she saw a rat run across her husband’s foot. “We were going to solve this problem or we were going to move,” Beall said. That is when she... [Read More]

POSTED:OCT 02 2015 09:01PM CDT UPDATED:OCT 02 2015 09:53PM CDT CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) – It’s Chicago against the rats, and the rats appear to be winning. Phone calls to 3-1-1 show that affluent neighborhoods on the North Side have the biggest problem, or at least the most complaints.  Neighborhoods like West Town, Lake View... [Read More]

By Jennifer Smith Richards and Rachel Crosby Tribune illustration by Phil Geib City workers have been called to the same Lawndale address 88 times since 2011 to get rid of rats. Jeanette Pruitt is not surprised. Her address is the center of more 311 rodent reports than any other in Chicago, likely because she doesn’t... [Read More]

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Yes, Rats Can Swim Up Your Toilet. And It Gets Worse Than That.

They enjoy living with us a lot more than we enjoy living with them. BSIP SA/Alamy