Creepy Halloween Recipes: Lifelike Rabid Rats (Twinkies) - Home Ever After - Home Ever After

Creepy Halloween Recipes: Lifelike Rabid Rats (Twinkies) - Home Ever After

19 Gross Dessert Ideas to Make a Sick Halloween - some of these are great and others are just so, so terribly awful

19 Gross Dessert Ideas To Make A Sick Halloween

Hungry Happenings: Oreo cookie, cream cheese, rat cheeseball for cool and creepy is this idea?

Bloody Halloween Punch
Ingredients: * 1 quart fresh orange juice, not from concentrate * 1 quart canned, unsweetened pineapple juice * 1 quart ginger ale (see tips) * 1/4 cup cranberry juice concentrate (see tips) * 12 thinly sliced cucumber rounds for garnish

Bloody Good Halloween Party Punch Recipe By Teri Gruss, MS Ads: Halloween Punch Ideas Pumpkin Bread Recipe Halloween Party Food Punch Recipe.

A hand. Made out of meatloaf. Perfect for Halloween.

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orange skeleton

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Brain shooter is sweet and delicious liqueur based drink.For those who enjoy the taste of smooth whiskey liqueur,orange and cream.Very easy to make.More cocktails.

Brain Shooter

Bloody Brain Shooter - mix vodka and lime juice in a shaker and strain. Use a straw to add a little bit of Bailey's at a time, to give it the curdled look and create the "brain," then repeat with grenadine.

Spooky Screwdriver:  2oz. Black Vodka, very cold  3oz. Pulp free OJ    Black Widow:  2oz. Black Vodka, very cold  3oz. Cranberry Juice    -Serve with ice and in clear glasses to show off color.

Fill a small cocktail glass with ice. Pour your choice of cranberry juice (for a black widow Halloween cocktail) or pulp-free orange juice (for a spooky screwdriver) over the ice. Gently layer black vodka over juice.