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Has Yoweri Museveni walked the talk on funding family planning in Uganda?

Health experts in Uganda are divided about how far the president has made good on the promises he made at the London family planning summit four years ago

If The Miami Shooting Doesn't Prove America Has A Problem, What Will?

We have to confront the fact that cops sometimes shoot people for absolutely no reason.

THE FIRST BOOK OF NEGROES by LANGSTON HUGHES | published in 1952, two years before Brown vs. Board of Education, three years before the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and twelve years before the Civil Rights Act. (quoted) | All images are copyrighted © and owned by their respective holders.

Dear European leaders, your new plan for ending inequality will not work

A migrant and her child in the southern part of the camp of migrants in Calais, in February 2016

What Do You Do After Surviving Your Own Lynching?

James Cameron was dragged from his cell and beaten — a young black man accused of a rape that never happened. Someone tied a rope around his neck. Two boys had already been hanged for the same crime; their bodies dangled from a tree in Marion, Ind. But a voice rose from the crowd and, somehow, Mr. Cameron was let go. This is his story. — Fernanda Santos, Phoenix Bureau Chief

20 years ago, Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee, sister of Diana Ross of The Supremes, became the first African American to be appointed dean of a predominantly white medical school in the United States. In 1993, Ross-Lee became the first African American woman dean of a United States medical school. She remained dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine of Ohio University until 2001.