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In my imaginary farm-girl life, I could totally live off the land on a 2-acre farm like this!

THIS! THIS!! THIS!! Says it ALL for me!! The "Scorched Earth" Character Assignation they did on Hillary Clinton was the worst thing ever. We saw Americans behave like Animals led by an Extremely Flawed Human Being who Divided and Tore this Nation in two. Everyone should be Ashamed of what took place in Our Nation. Shameful.

Inspiration Exchange #4 Features

What To Raise On Your Homestead or Backyard Farm -

Deciding what to raise on your homestead or backyard farm involves taking inventory of your resources and yourself. This guides you through 15 critical considerations, such as climate, soil, existing ecosystems, lay of the land, storage space, market research, what you like to eat, and your own ability to deal with livestock illness, injury, and death. Plenty of resources and photos!

You’ve just spent all that time helping your preschooler build the DUPLO farm, and now it’s in pieces all over the living room floor. But that’s okay. Taking things apart and re-building are essential learning opportunities for children at this age, and it’s a big part of what makes DUPLO fun for your child. Plus we’ve got plenty of inspirational farm fun that you can build out of the DUPLO Farm.