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Okolina Beograda - Around Belgrade, 1919

Two-Minute Silence, Armistice Day, London Unknown, British  Date: 1919

Lily Elsie lovely actress in her time. said to be one of the most photographed woman.

Map of Europe after the Treaty of Versailles.Germany was required to cede land to France Denmark,Poland ,Czechoslovakia and Belgium.Germany was required to surrender all colonies to control of the League of nations. Germany and Austria were prohibited to uniting.

Cowgirl in the meadow Artist: Carl Larsson Completion Date: 1906

Blouse Date: 1915–20 Culture: American or European

Der Bazar 1889: Morning gown from forint-colored solid and turquoise patterned woollens; 14. front insertion part, 15. plastron in half size, 16. front undergore in half size, 17. front outergore in half size, 18. belt in half size, 19. overdress' front part, 20. back part in half size, 21. collar in half size, 22. sleeve in half size

Europe_1923.jpg (1017×808)Map of Europe after the Treaty of Versailles. The Treat of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919. The treaty created nine new nations which included Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Yugoslavia. Under the treaty the Central Powers also had to surrender control of their colonies to the Allies