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VIDEO: HBO Documentary About Alzheimer's Caregivers

This meaningful HBO documentary, Caregivers, tells the story of five family caregivers all taking care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s, each at different stages of the disease. The story highlights their sacrifices and successes.

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Family Caregivers: Get the Facts

43.5 million family caregivers provide $450 billion in unpaid work! Get more key facts about caregivers, what they do, and how they cope.

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Family Caregivers Forced to Take on Medical Tasks

Do you have to do complex or slightly scary medical-type tasks at home for your senior loved one? --Get practical caregiving tips at

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Does Coconut Oil Help Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Does Coconut Oil Help Alzheimer's Symptoms? The questions on family caregiver’s minds are: Is this for real or a hoax? Should I give coconut oil to my older adult? It turns out the answer is…maybe and maybe.


Are Alzheimer's Caregivers the Forgotten?

Alzheimer's Disease -- The Front Row. Knowing that the day is coming when your loved one -- won't know you-- is the most horrific feeling of them all for an Alzheimer's caregiver.

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VIDEO: Screaming, Biting, Defiance? Get Help with Difficult Behavior in Seniors

Don't struggle on your own, learn from experts in this free family caregiver training video. This class teaches practical ways to manage difficult behavior in older adults.

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3 Ways to Deal with Family in Denial About Seniors Needing Help

Family in denial about seniors needing help make your job as a caregiver even harder. Use these 3 techniques to overcome their refusal to accept reality.

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Your Family Hired a Caregiver for Your Aging Parent. Now What

Protect your older adult from the possibility of theft by putting a smart plan in place. --More real-life caregiving advice from