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Dragon Ball Facts. I knew most of these. My favorite is the first one! I think that's hilarious!!!

Dragon Ball Fact

Goku kills King Piccolo and Cooler (twice) and a plethora of other people in og Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball motivation, everyone should go to the gym! Become that Super Saiyan today!

Dragon Ball Motivation

Dragon Ball Z Gyms. I seriously want all of these on a shirt. I would definitely go to Master Roshi's gym

Gohan SSJ2

Thanks to Teki and Raykugen for helping Gohan -damaged-

VEGETA-Torneo del poder-DBS

VEGETA-Torneo del poder-DBS

Krillin <3 Piccolo fusion *_*

Piccolo & Krillin fusion

Piccolo & Krillin Fusion OMG, this actually works!