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It's A Baby Armadillo That's The Size Of A Tennis Ball

Tiny, tiny armadillo @Deanna King @April Kling Meyer @Jessie Beeley I find it very hard to explain armadillo races to outsiders.


Smells Like Teen Spirit: The Return of Grunge

The Dragon’s Blood tree is a rare type of tree that originates on a small group of four islands in the Indian Ocean. It contains a beautiful red sap which is called Dragon’s Blood that has been used as a medicine to treat a variety of ailments.


An entry from Emilialua

wash basin.../ A Fairy Basin holds mystical properties that can be controlled by Fairy's. But come the full Moon in October you may watch... as long as you do not speak or interfere in any manner.

(from left to right): Hunters of Artemis Bow Arrow, Hazel’s Spatha, Luke’s Backbiter, Percy’s Anaklusmos, Annabeth’s Knife, Leo’s Archimedes Sphere, Jason’s Ivlivs, Jar of Greek Fire, Piper’s Katoptris, Grover’s Reed Pipes, Annabeth’s Daedalus Laptop, Thalia’s Aegis, Leo’s Magical Tool Belt, Nico’s Stygian Iron Sword, and Frank’s Dragon Tooth Spear.

The most ancient lineage in the world is the Ethiopian Royal Family. It is older than that of the Japanese and English royal family by 6000 years. Emperor Haile Sellasie traces his ancestry to King Solomon of Isreal and the black Queen of Sheba and beyond that to Kush/Nubia/Egypt 7000 BCE.

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Faerie Glen

The Fairy Glen, Scotland It’s not actually inhabited by fairies, but the further you go up the valley, the more your sense of scale goes awry and it’s easy to imagine that this word-in-miniature hides away a population of otherwordly beings.