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This piece of ceramic looks amazing because it shows the inside of a decaying bird and it looks to be about the same size/scale of a real life bird.

Looking like some irresistible cross between swirling windblown feathers and soft soft scales, these works of art by Fenella Elms are sure to have your fingers twitching for a feel. T...

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TWO Clay Ball Stamps, Gift Set, Sculpture Roller, Random Pattern, Hand Carved, Giselle No. 5 Original, Texture for Clay, Pottery

Clay Sculpture Ball, JUST ONE SMALL, Choose Your Pattern Tool for Texturing Pottery Ceramics Polyclay

Forêt céramique

Forêt céramique

Kelly Campbell, Mayberry’s Insects, art, sculpture, paper craft, book art, book sculpture = Awesomness

I've wanted these since I saw them at the Bone Room in Berkeley. They're too damned expensive though

Choi Xooang sculpture via Beautiful/Decay

from My Modern Met

Incredible Spatial Sculptures Using Colorful Suspended Buttons

Miami-based artist Augusto Esquivel realistically duplicates objects by suspending thousands of sewing buttons on mere strings. Each strand of his incredible sculptural pieces work with their adjacent string of buttons to create colorful replicas of everything, from a basic geometric cube to a stone fountain covered in flowers and spouting water.

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Community Post: 42 Truly Haunting Pieces Of Art

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