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Where Outside London Should You Live?

Where outside London should you live? You Got: You can't commute to London from Scotland! But have you considered living in Edinburgh instead? Edinburgh is a gorgeous city with a lovely music scene. Living in Edinburgh would mean you'd get to go to the Fringe every year, you'd always eat well, and you'd never be stuck for something to do. Plus, people would visit you all the time: Everyone wants to go to Edinburgh. You couldn't choose a nicer place to live.

Cross Border from Singapore to Malaysia- DIY Travel Guide

DIY Travel: Cross-border commuting from Singapore to Malaysia Do you have a day or two to spare for a cross-country trip, other than your destination like Singapore? Here are some tips for crossing the Border from Singapore to Malaysia. Does that country happen to be Malaysia? You’re lucky because these two countries can be reached within five to seven hours depending on traffic conditions. Don’t worry about how to do it because we got it covered for you.

The landscape of Southern California is as diverse as Los Angeles: Surfs and slopes are separated by a morning commute, and national parks and preserves dot the backcountry. Over the past few years, dry conditions have persisted in a thirsty land, and while we have our fingers crossed for a hasty end to the drought, we can’t help but appreciate the blue skies and sunshine for what they aren’t: seven months of rain or snow. The winter in Southern California is a better time than ever to get…

34 London Commuters Who Have Lost The Will To Live

Come September I will probably say this when I get to gym and everybody suddenly has to "get into shape for summer" again...