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new lobo by keneth rockafort

DC Comics has introduced a younger, slicker Villains Month version of Lobo, retconning over the Rob Liefeld version who made his New 52 debut in the pages of Deathstroke.

Overwatch character Mei

Design reference for human scientist characters, also shows how I could lay out my design/info sheets to explore a character's design in depth.

ArtStation - “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” - Cat - Character Concept, Per Haagensen

ArtStation - “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” - Cat

Project: "Mirror's Edge: Catalyst" Client: EA DICE Date: 2014 Art Director: Jhony Ljungstedt Character/costume Concept of Cat, the right hand of Kruger

A selection of character concepts for a cyberpunk themed role playing game that I have been developing.

this is a parody of other cyberpunk art with guns, cuz everyone knows that with the information age, everyone in the future will read, and understand each other across cultures, and seek peace.

the General by kalma http://kalma1117.uniqpiece.com/

f Bard Leather Rapier Cane urban hilvl Uniqpiece ::: DigitalArt Community & Social Platform

The Monthly 'Newb' CHARACTER Challenge Feb'14 -- Concept-Voting - Polycount Forum

The Monthly 'Newb' CHARACTER Challenge -- Concept-Voting - Polycount Forum Currently being used for the character Dr.