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ADOPTED, This is Zenix, he is a vampire and he has a gf(who he purposed to) named fade who is a werewolf, that might seem weird to some people but it actually isn't, once u understand then you'll be the same way as them.

You guys!!!! I'm so unbelievably happy to let you all know that Mr. Dolce (@dolce_the_scottie) has found himself a forever home just in time for the Holidays. I wanted to thank you all for the love support and interest in adopting sweet Dolce. The current owner recieved atleast a dozen emails asking to adopt him isint that so amazing? Dolce will be going to a loving home in Conneticut to a dad and...a new brother!!! A scottie named Noah! I will be posting pictures of their union as soon…

ADOPTED Converse loves rock music. He named himself after the only shoes he'll wear. He's very flirty at times, but loves to daydream and forget the world around him.

(Open SPN rp. I need someone to be Sam) "I'll give you pie!" "I will give you anything you desire!" "That's not fair, he's an angel!" "Exactly!" Dean and Cas yell back and forth. I sigh; it's been going on for at least an hour. The arguing continues, and I finally lose it. "I'm already dating Sam!" I blurt out. (Credit to @hkjohnstone01)