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Onishi Yasuaki: Reverse of Volume | Junkculture

Onishi Yasuaki Reverse of volume ACG 2010 Glue, plastic sheet. 410 x 550 x 280cm

Installation, Dirimart Gallery, Instanbul, 2011 - by Peter Kogler

from Spoon & Tamago

Yasuaki Onishi

Yasuaki Onishi once said in a statement describing his work: I am interested in the visible and the invisible thing. Through my art work, I get information from the space and leave clues on the space. Form, color and movement is changed to the simple element, like points, lines and lights.

from the Guardian

Thinking outside the box: Lygia Pape's Magnetized Space at the Serpentine – in pictures

Tteia 1,C (Web) at the Serpentine Gallery, 2011 In the Serpentine's darkened north gallery, 'shafts of glimmering golden light strike this way and that from the ceiling to the floor', writes Adrian Searle. Lygia Pape: Magnetized Space by Lygia Pape

A paper model reflecting to the meaning of the word it displays: Adverse.

Dianne Romaine | Installation with Black String (Claremont Studio, 1980) | 2011

CREATIVE LIVING from a Scandinavian Perspective: Wiring and connecting the dots

by Michel François. [Image #5 of Week: Jan. 13th - 17th]. I really like how this. The juxtaposition between the outer 'frame' and the inner spiderwebs reminds me of a mind. The frame being the skin and skull, and the inner mixtures and shapes being the mind at work: inspiration depicted.